What’s up scratch?

1900178_3993650977307_1903272331_n 10303757_4462287852936_8646031394682458539_n 10339955_4444186800421_4373894878906774353_n 10408934_10200519505787776_6175548191570432094_n 11149333_10200477768384367_1848387244146555188_n 11401548_10200720806740174_7972290030818585570_n

It’s been a while. Where do the scratches go? It’s on my head. *scratch-scratch*. (Let’s take a moment to process that joke, er.) While I was MIA here, (Missing in Action) .. I did a lot of projects in between. Life has given me opportunities to do what makes me feel happy and alive *wink*.  During Office-break, studying, waiting for my plane, my friend’s birthday, everywhere and every time. Still on scratch papers … 😀

“Always find time to do what makes you feel happy and alive” —



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