Watercolor: I love you


And so, I never thought I’d come to this point: When I would profess my feelings for this medium that I had a love-hate relationship with since my art class stint. Back in mid-school, I find this medium unfriendly to me, pretty much. It never listened to my instructions. I wanted to achieve a certain technique but the medium never let me. I do not know why, it must hated me  In return, I loathed the subject. On our annual art exhibits, I never submitted any watercolor artwork. BUT THAT WAS THEN, now, we’re friends, we might become lovers. Everything in my toolbox is just about the medium. And I might be learning the watercolor calligraphy too (which is ‘so-mainstream’, so might pass for now,also my handwriting sucks!) I realized, watercolor is friendlier than I can be. And if I was patient enough then, I could have achieved the ‘wash on wash’ technique (yeah, right!), showcased my watercolor promise on art exhibits… and watercolor & I could be happily married!

For now, we’re gettin’ to know each other. But, I LOVE YOU.



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