Watercolor: Bright Colored Flowers and Leaves


I am a devotee of everything dark. Black, dark blue, dark greens and plums are my personal favorites. So most of my previous artworks speak of my ‘psychotic tendencies’ haha. In time as I practice to use more colors and experiment on different hues (and step out to see the rainbow of the world! ugh), I won’t get that strange feel anymore whenever I open a tube of yellow or mix on the palette that perfect tint of orange and pink (the latter still makes my heart skip a beat). So I’m bringing out my brighter arsenal. My new companions sure to keep me painting, hope so!

PS: I cannot think of any subject but ‘flowers and leaves!’ and I’m quite ‘mad’ about the leaves though. Practice, pratice!

The formula of success is simple: practice and concentration then more practice and more concentration. –

❤ \m/ia


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