Watercolor: FoodPorn #1

20160527_094906Finished: May 27, 2016, Reeves Watercolor in A4 watercolor pad

I think I finally found my niche in the watercolor world! I don’t know what niche I am talking about though LOL but I’m really fascinated by it at least. Back-story: I love food, I love to eat… but my cooking skills couldn’t pass a way to any man’s heart! *Facepalm* But no worry I’ll whip him up a delectable concoction not with the frying pan but with my magic brush! Yey!  ‘Coz this is the thing I love to do the most, the thing that wakes me up every morning, that makes me feel alive, that gives me a sense of purpose, that makes me happy. And if I still couldn’t win any heart…(after that theatrics) then that’s another article! ha-ha…

This is FoodPorn Watercolor Project. Everyday, I whip up  paint my favorite food and take photos of them. My goal is to make them seem alive… like 3D, that’s why my hand, my cat and all the mess are present!

Do more of what makes you happy. – my motto

❤ mia


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