Art Goals: Calligraphy


No way!

It’s the trend and I got to try it. But before I was able to grab some tools, there was a meditation hesitation. To advertise my incompetence is a No-no but I had admitted many times that my ‘handwriting’ could never save my life… or at least give me a fortune! I’m clueless about the rocket science behind it but I’m really boggled about this since then. Why can I perfect an illustration but can’t even  write ‘draw’ cursive without making letters as if in comatose! I am murdering the alphabet! Solution: use non-cursive. Okay, looks great… individually, ‘coz when I try to put letters together they look awful. 😦

It even is terrible that some people think people who’re admirable with illustration is tantamount to their excellent handwriting. Some are just fortunate, and ain’t one of those! Quick history: I failed at my drafting class (lettering) when I was junior. My papers got if not bad marks (equivalent to C-) but ‘repeat’. My teacher gave me chances but my handwriting still sucked. This was perhaps one among others of the reasons why I had not pursued Architecture … (but this is a long story and will require another article) the point is … my handwriting is ugly!!! waahhhh. 😦

So when calligraphy became mainstream, ‘woooow’ word becomes an expression. Every time I see artists in their prowess and their artworks are just… yeah, WOW! There are lots of talented calligraphy artists who I admire but I’m following this artist who’s the first one to introduce to me about the beauty of calligraphy.


Screenshot Instagram. CTO. Link on image.


One of the artist’s latest artworks which I WOWed!

And kindly refer to the  first photo captured in cute and trendy flat lay (mainstream likewise) … I really need to practice and practice.

Hoping by the next post … I’ll be better. But first, let me be in peace with my handwriting!

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. – Sir Albert Einstein.

❤ \m/ia



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