Watercolor: Bibimbap 비빔밥


I LOVE KOREAN Cuisine, to the moon and back!! I have frequented Authentic Korean Restaurants in the city for taste buds treat. It’s healthy … delicious and healthy! I will say once again, ‘healthy’… because its the cuisine that I learn to eat A LOT of vegetables! ha-ha 🙂 (my mum should see me!). I am a Filipino by the way. 😛

This is one of my favorite Korean dishes … bibimbap! Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste), soy sauce, or doenjang, a salty soybean paste. A raw or fried egg and sliced meat (usually beef) are common additions. The hot dish is stirred together thoroughly just before eating. (ct. google)

I’m drooling while making this one… and I vow to make my own. But given my kitchen skills… I might run to my favorite restaurant (*Gui Gui Authentic Korean Cuisine).

The food is so good, you wouldn’t notice the other person has died. – Korean Wisdom



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