Project: Collage Paper Dolls


Collages are great!! It’s the arts and craftsy’s bestfriend for decorating, scrapbook-ing, DIYs. It’s an awesome way to relieve stress too. Remember those mainstream coloring books? Forget them now, this one’s pro! Seriously, you’ll definitely enjoy collage, all ages! Isn’t it awesome to think that you created a whole new thing out of assembling various photos? Exciting!

O’right folks, let’s proceed with our simple project in 6 steps (6 photos). What makes collage great is that materials are easy to find plus you make *mother nature happy by recycling old glossy magazines, product brochures (usually thrown away but please don’t they’re treasure!) (*this is why I started this blog, btw)

You need:
Magazine cut-outs
pencil, black marker
cardboard (or any sturdy paper you have)

It’s simple, dude:

Step 1. Do a rough sketch of your design on a cardboard. Don’t get too serious on the drawing just yet ‘coz we’ll cover them later. This serves as the outline for the collage.



Step 2. Gather your magazine cut-outs. Depends on your mood, if you want a monochromatic collage then cut out photos of the same hue. Or if you want crazy avant-garde then cut out as many interesting photos you like.




Step 3. Glue the magazine cut-outs following your design. Collage is for the free! No rules, now go swap horse’s head and your ex’s face. Express yourself!





Step 4: As you glue, you may follow the outline of your rough sketch but don’t freak out if you go beyond anyway we’ll gonna cut it. Relax.





Step 5. Once satisfied, outline the collage with a black marker following the design of your doll dress. This could be optional but if you want to achieve that ‘cartoon-y’ look of the doll, I highly suggest.




Step 6: Cut it out from the cardboard and voila, you get yourself a voodoo doll!






You may do some tweaking if you like like sewing ribbons and buttons etc. And go ahead, print or cut someone’s photo (but it’ll be safer if you use yours) and stick it to the dress. Yey! Simple right? So simple, you shouldn’t be reading this. LOL (But still, you did, aw thanks!)

Create more stuff using collage art! How about bookmarks, book-covers or even cards? Love it!

Ps: The paper doll samples on the first photo is yours truly. 😛

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. – Viktor Frankl

❤ \m/ia