Watercolor + Ink: Flat Lays Week


But first, I should tidy up my table. Second, I wish to move on with food (there’s a camera!). Third, I think I can’t (clean ma’desk) because as I write, I’m thinking of ‘waffles’ and latte. ohhh yez!

To keep me going and practicing, I challenge myself to do flat lay drawings. We all know flat lay photography. I do lots of flat lays for product shoots (and Instagram posts) and I adore it. Your product photos help you sell (and IG posts make you pro!)  (And I’m like so legit and had all figured-out when all I did was stand on top of things just to get a good shot.) But this time, A’ma take some interesting flat lay photos on the web and render them using watercolor and ink.

Lastly, I should figure out: perfect flat lays vs. hot mess! 😛

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. – St. Francis of Assisi

❤ \m/ia


One thought on “Watercolor + Ink: Flat Lays Week

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