Watercolor: FlatLay #2 Icecream


Here’s the thing, you know that every kid’s dream to have their own ice cream machine in the kitchen? Did ya have tat? (If you didn’t, what planet are ya from?) Okay, if it’s just me then yes, that’s one of my many wish-upon-a-star/dear-santa moments. And I don’t like it in the kitchen, I want it in my room. Ready, 24 by 7. Like any flavor, and toppings galore.

As a kid, I didn’t pursue that dream (or my parents’ money stretching abilities couldn’t afford one)…. but it’s fine, as an adult now … I can buy …. the ice cream.  As for the machine, I think I have to do some penny-pinching. Good-luck 🙂

Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul. – St. Augustine

❤ \m/ia


One thought on “Watercolor: FlatLay #2 Icecream

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