Project with Kids: DIY Toy


Yepeeyyyy! Yezzz!! Kaboom! I have a DIY project, uh-huh! This is 2nd post for my projects category. Pardon my tone though, sort of celebratory ‘coz I hadn’t thought of brewing DIYs sooner after the 1st post (‘coz I have a current project/series). But it’s a #youneverknow moment especially when you have kids around ‘ya whose artistic inclination starts to spring, I just can’t help but work and be with them. And I certainly love it, creating things for them, above all, to have them involved in the process. #happy 🙂

DIY Kids’ Toy


I and my nephew, Yuan, made toy dinosaur and dragon. In this post, I will show you the how-to’s for the dragon. As we go on, guaranteed, you will discover how to create the dinosaur and other animals or kid-friendly characters you’d like. So easy, a’ma use few words just photos. So lez start:




Personally, I dread throwing away boxes/cartons which are very much decent for arts and crafts projects. Why not recycle ’em right? All the materials in this project (except tools) are recycled and reused. 🙂


Yuan was totally involved… aw, sweet lil artist 🙂


Of course, I did the cutting (kiddos, unless you’re an adult, do it, but then you’re not, so let mom, dad or an able adult to cut out). Then glue the parts onto the card board box.


Voila! Done.


Yuan loves his new dinosaur and dragon toys. I was kidding him when he was asking for new toys prior to this, I was like “no budget for now dear, but ya’know what, I got a better idea” … and his eyes brighten because it’s another arts & crafts project.  Thank goodness, my savings were saved and more importantly, we saved some people’s “junk” and made it into something special. 🙂

**This project, I was totally inspired by MER MAG‘s DIY and MERI CHERRY‘s process art with children. They do have great arts and crafts ideas, so check them out.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. – St. Augustine of Hippo

❤ mia


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