Project: Painting with Kids


I had a dream, I was being chased by a dragon down the hill. The dragon was monster huge and flew fast to get and eat me. T’was absolutely horrible nightmare. Thank goodness I was awaken by shrieks, cries and taunts of my nephews — 5 lil boys at that. However I was greeted with disastrous scenes they always ‘perfectly pull off’. I realized how true-to-life nightmare it is when they’re together — oh’dude, can I instead stay inside dragon’s intestines? 😛

But hey, I told ’em, lez paint!


I like it when these kids talk and discover things together. Such as producing colors by mixing various colors. One kid was so amazed when blue and yellow mix gave him green. As if there was magic. 😀


Oh no no no, may look like it’s easy fun with this group but h*ll noooh! There were a lot of fights over brushes, colors and canvass space in between. Oh’boy! I think my voice raised a notch. Whew! XP . But I think there’s still fun about it knowing they were friends again after 🙂



Check out this post by Meri Cherry, an art teacher, who listed reasons why we should let children paint. I follow her, she’s wonderful.


“I’m enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagination, which I think is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein

❤ mia


2 thoughts on “Project: Painting with Kids

  1. Thank tita maye for teaching our children to paint specially to my son Jumong.. I do hope he has the potential to be an artist!! Hahaha..please have patience on them.. Okay!! Love you!!!

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