Digital Art: Facial Feature Study #3


this has got to be my favorite piece so far. she looks real to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I am improving.. so expect that I will make more of these studies and less on my previous styles.

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Day 3 in face feature study. Gosh, had a rough start so the video begins when i repeated the process from the base color. ๐Ÿ™„ Not the neatest workflow you'd see but I'll get the hang of it with constant practice and exploring. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’ฏ๐ŸŒผ . . I don't support cigarette smoking ๐Ÿšซ๐Ÿšฌ, for creative purposes only. Ref: @malcolmtliepke Street wise. Oil on canvas. . . . . #digitalartwork #illustration #artistsoninstagram #art #digital #digitalillustration #love #medibang #digitalartist #facepainting #human #face #faceexpression #artph #processpainting #dailyart #dailypractice #creative #design #davaoartist #artdavao #paintdaily #everydayart #woman #drawingwoman #malcolmliepke #studying #artstudy #nosmoking #facefeatures

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Digital Art: Facial Feature Study #2


I enjoyed this study. My weakness is the nose part, to be honest. While others find eyes and lips complex, mine has always been the nose bridge the entire of it. but sooner I’ll get the hang of it with practice. perhaps the lips I can improve more and the cheekbones? Will see, but I really enjoyed the journey. Thank God. — Swipe for the video:

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[Personal]: Art took a backseat…

it’s been months… since I posted a drawing here … and it’s tantamount to say that it’s been months since I drew a picture. There’s a lot of wow and not-so moments that’s happened. . and unfortunately “my art has to take the seat where I can hardly see and think of it”…

that is not to say … I forgot about it .. but it is inconsistent.. and I miss doing it everyday.

  1. I need to have a day job.

    When i was venturing into freelance … and mostly eyeing for creative posts, I admit I wasn’t making that much with project-based, so I have to seek for sustainable income. Now, I am working as an IELTS Essay Writing Teacher Online. In this job, I teach “non-English students” in Asia to write in proper and formal English in preparation for their exams. To be honest, it takes so much of my time for me to doodle.. or even think of a new project. On rest days , I am just sleeping.

  2. I still do “creative stuff” …

    Hustling, real quick. I took a part time job as “Social Media Consultant” …. erh, someone who does make a sure a company’s online presence is updated. In this job, I took photos of beautiful things and copy-write, so I am happy to tap into new interests.ย tnalak-ig

  3. I went digital

    I rarely draw on canvas, papers or .. scratchpapers these days because of “CAD” or computer aided design which I’m as well interested to do. I took a class on this, saw YouTube videos and other artists’ blogs for inspiration. I even planned to launch my T-Shirt / clothing business with my designs.

    As noticed, it touched on food. If you have known my “doodles” .. they’re all my favorite snacks.. and I think I’m a foodie first then an art-lover. Truthfully, this endeavor somehow did not push through due to after-market-testing results. Yet I am still hoping and seeking a “need” to fill in with my interest. Currently, I and a friend of mine are collaborating on an advocacy she wants to raise and my talent is needed, so let’s see on that one soon.

  4. We are building a startup company

    I will be part of a company WC Education Consultancy. It’s a startup to help aspiring students in emerging / underdeveloped countries to study in the United States. We have not launched this venture yet .. but we’re on our “baby steps”. My current tasks are to , of course, do what I can do best .. the marketing and design.ย  here’s one of the posters I made in preparation for the physical office and online launch. Hopes are high, God bless us.wc poster 2

There are a lot of things going on in my life … no wonder… art did take a backseat. but did it, really? From the way I saw this list , almost all of it still go under the “creative side”.

Perhaps, I just missed my scratchpapers . .. I missed my pencils, being messy, drawing with kids everyday … which I think for me is the kind of “art” I wish my life to be. thinking that it’s not for now … yes, it will be on the backseat ..

…but I wish to sit beside it soon.

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Ma’ Girls are Dressed

My goodness! Ma’ gorg’ girlsย were naked for tooย long, they must’ve hated me. I found out myย Fashion Sketchpad was kept coldย inside my book storage and I haven’t worked since the first (and the last) post in here. Sorry girls, I promised you’d be glamorized but yo’ mama was doing all sorts, she totally forgot she has bought a sketchpad. But yo’ mama didn’t forget one thing: herย dreams of becoming a ‘fashion designer ย and a stylist’.

I need some more practice. And am’a do a lot, just in case I get to fashion school and I can show evidences of such pursuit.

Enough drama gorg’ mama, since ma’girls been found, let’s get dressed! O’right?! ๐Ÿ™‚

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3D Art + Art Goals: Once Again

One word: Once again! Oh, was that two? No really, it’sย Wanzagen for me actually. When I started this blog I was practicing the 3D. Oh boy, I just made a few and I missed doin it. And I totally missed the whole artsonscratchpaper thingy. Am’a go and collect scratch papers now! And I think am’a do 3D in pen&ink, wanzagen.

Letzi. ๐Ÿ˜›

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Art Goals: Calligraphy


No way!

It’s the trend and I got to try it. But before I was able to grab some tools, there was a meditation hesitation. To advertise my incompetence is a No-no but I had admitted many times that my ‘handwriting’ could never save my life… or at least give me a fortune! I’m clueless about the rocket science behind it but I’m really boggled about this since then. Why can I perfect an illustrationย but can’t even ย write ‘draw’ cursive without making letters as if in comatose! I am murdering the alphabet! Solution: use non-cursive. Okay, looks great… individually, ‘coz when I try to put letters together they look awful. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

It even is terrible that some people think people who’re admirable with illustration is tantamount to their excellent handwriting. Some are just fortunate, and ain’t one of those! Quick history: I failed at my drafting class (lettering) when I was junior. My papers got if not bad marks (equivalent to C-) but ‘repeat’. My teacher gave me chances but my handwriting still sucked. This was perhaps one among others of the reasons why I had not pursued Architecture … (but this is a long story and will require another article) the point is … my handwriting is ugly!!! waahhhh. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

So when calligraphy became mainstream, ‘woooow’ word becomes an expression. Every time I see artists in their prowess and their artworks are just… yeah, WOW! There are lots of talented calligraphy artists who I admire but I’m following this artist who’s the first one to introduce to me about the beauty of calligraphy.

Screenshot Instagram. CTO. Link on image.
One of the artist’s latest artworks which I WOWed!

And kindly refer to the ย first photo captured in cute and trendy flat lay (mainstream likewise) … I really need to practice and practice.

Hoping by the next post … I’ll be better. But first, let me be in peace with my handwriting!

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What I do now: Product Shoots

What I do now is Social Media Content Manager for a Home and Design Company. The company has a retail store showcasing artist design pieces. So product shoots are my game right now. *Surprisingly, I get commended for my shots which gave me invisible wings… I’m flying… I’m flying! *Surprisingly* would mean ‘I just point-shoot-edit and thank you-filters’ to get the look… and the bosses were happy!ย For an amateur, so happy but I really have to do the job well so I’m studying.


For my shots, visit: .Tell me what you think and what I need to improve, highly appreciate your thoughts.

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Art Goals: I want an ART STUDIO



An ART/Design Studio or work space or desk I could mess up with! I want my paint brushes, tubes, pencils, papers, scratch papers… my paintings, doodles, etcetera thrown into one room! It so wonderful! I will build one, well lit and well-stuffed with materials I need (including food!). Mood boards all over for inspirations, a computer for graphics, a couch or a sofa, a mini office for clienteles. EEEE!!! This feels so good! I have to start tidying upย anย underused space in our house and just do it!! I WANT A STUDIO!! Where I can have the freedom to mess up! Scratch papers all around. Bring it on! haha

Photo courtesy of Pinterest. Been obsessed with the website lately for inspirations and ideas!! LOVE IT! Check out my pins here. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

*Photos CTO.