Digital Art + Personal: My Fur Baby


[Long Post] – Please help me welcome back myself   my doggo “HERO”. yes, i was finally inspired to do digital art again [but i did watercolor during the hiatus] — all because of my love. Apart from this, to be honest, I had my bouts of anxiety again and it affected my ability to create. how crippling it is :(.. but I should overcome this “lame excuse not to create”: It should not outweigh my passion.

—- the reason for this mild anxiety is I do and try lots of things in ARTS; not that this is wrong, the problem is I don’t know how to market myself, most especially that I’m now intentionally transitioning to monetize my skills (**cross-fingers**). There is no clarity. I’m shooting aimlessly right now and ain’t sure if my ladder is on the right wall.

I read an article “6 Questions to Help You Discover Your Creative Niche as an Artist” — and the words resonate to me, it’s like translating my thoughts to print, and answering some of the questions. It says:

When transitioning into a creative career, it’s not enough to simply think “I want to be an artist” or “I want to be a designer.” Visual arts, photography, and design are such big categories that you’ll want to figure out where your niche is and how you define yourself as an artist.

For some, this may be straightforward but for many creatives, finding out who you are—and who your audience is—can seem like a daunting task. And to begin with, why do you want to understand your creative niche? Though you may not realize it, going through the process to realize what specific type of creator you are is the first step in clarifying the rest of your business.

Once you’ve defined your niche, it becomes that much easier to focus your marketing or decide the best arena for selling your art. You’ll also have a better understanding of who your target client is when taking on commissions or what sort of publications may be interested in publishing your artwork. And taking a step back even further, defining your specialty can help you decide whether your passion has enough potential to make the leap to full-time creative or is better left as a side hustle.

READ MORE: “6 Questions to Help You Discover Your Creative Niche as an Artist

I’m multi-passionate creative (/future entrepreneur🌻 💯 ). Apart from visual arts, video, poetry, short-story making, production design are also my cups of tea. SO it’s really daunting to minimize to maximize. I decided to focus on illustrations [but with bits of writing].

What does HERO have to do with this? aside from being my source of happiness, with that said, I thought I can try to have “DOG/PET ILLUSTRATIONS” as a niche. I can still use different media I like… but focusing on PETS or DOGS. — will still explore though. 🙂

If you have a pet dog, you can send me a message + photo, and ill do an illustration for free. 🙂

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. Maya Angelou

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Digital Art: Facial Feature Study #3


this has got to be my favorite piece so far. she looks real to me. 🙂 I think I am improving.. so expect that I will make more of these studies and less on my previous styles.

🔥Swipe for the process video

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. – Hellen Keller 🔥

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Digital Art: Facial Feature Study #2


I enjoyed this study. My weakness is the nose part, to be honest. While others find eyes and lips complex, mine has always been the nose bridge the entire of it. but sooner I’ll get the hang of it with practice. perhaps the lips I can improve more and the cheekbones? Will see, but I really enjoyed the journey. Thank God. — Swipe for the video:

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.–  Dr. Hellen Keller

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[Personal]: Art took a backseat…

it’s been months… since I posted a drawing here … and it’s tantamount to say that it’s been months since I drew a picture. There’s a lot of wow and not-so moments that’s happened. . and unfortunately “my art has to take the seat where I can hardly see and think of it”…

that is not to say … I forgot about it .. but it is inconsistent.. and I miss doing it everyday.

  1. I need to have a day job.

    When i was venturing into freelance … and mostly eyeing for creative posts, I admit I wasn’t making that much with project-based, so I have to seek for sustainable income. Now, I am working as an IELTS Essay Writing Teacher Online. In this job, I teach “non-English students” in Asia to write in proper and formal English in preparation for their exams. To be honest, it takes so much of my time for me to doodle.. or even think of a new project. On rest days , I am just sleeping.

  2. I still do “creative stuff” …

    Hustling, real quick. I took a part time job as “Social Media Consultant” …. erh, someone who does make a sure a company’s online presence is updated. In this job, I took photos of beautiful things and copy-write, so I am happy to tap into new interests. tnalak-ig

  3. I went digital

    I rarely draw on canvas, papers or .. scratchpapers these days because of “CAD” or computer aided design which I’m as well interested to do. I took a class on this, saw YouTube videos and other artists’ blogs for inspiration. I even planned to launch my T-Shirt / clothing business with my designs.

    As noticed, it touched on food. If you have known my “doodles” .. they’re all my favorite snacks.. and I think I’m a foodie first then an art-lover. Truthfully, this endeavor somehow did not push through due to after-market-testing results. Yet I am still hoping and seeking a “need” to fill in with my interest. Currently, I and a friend of mine are collaborating on an advocacy she wants to raise and my talent is needed, so let’s see on that one soon.

  4. We are building a startup company

    I will be part of a company WC Education Consultancy. It’s a startup to help aspiring students in emerging / underdeveloped countries to study in the United States. We have not launched this venture yet .. but we’re on our “baby steps”. My current tasks are to , of course, do what I can do best .. the marketing and design.  here’s one of the posters I made in preparation for the physical office and online launch. Hopes are high, God bless us.wc poster 2

There are a lot of things going on in my life … no wonder… art did take a backseat. but did it, really? From the way I saw this list , almost all of it still go under the “creative side”.

Perhaps, I just missed my scratchpapers . .. I missed my pencils, being messy, drawing with kids everyday … which I think for me is the kind of “art” I wish my life to be. thinking that it’s not for now … yes, it will be on the backseat ..

…but I wish to sit beside it soon.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do, if you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. – Steve Jobs

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Ma’ Girls are Dressed

My goodness! Ma’ gorg’ girls were naked for too long, they must’ve hated me. I found out my Fashion Sketchpad was kept cold inside my book storage and I haven’t worked since the first (and the last) post in here. Sorry girls, I promised you’d be glamorized but yo’ mama was doing all sorts, she totally forgot she has bought a sketchpad. But yo’ mama didn’t forget one thing: her dreams of becoming a ‘fashion designer  and a stylist’.

I need some more practice. And am’a do a lot, just in case I get to fashion school and I can show evidences of such pursuit.

Enough drama gorg’ mama, since ma’girls been found, let’s get dressed! O’right?! 🙂

I grasped the meaning of the greatest secret that human poetry and human thought and belief have to impart: The salvation of man is through love and in love. – Victor Frankl

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3D Art + Art Goals: Once Again

One word: Once again! Oh, was that two? No really, it’s Wanzagen for me actually. When I started this blog I was practicing the 3D. Oh boy, I just made a few and I missed doin it. And I totally missed the whole artsonscratchpaper thingy. Am’a go and collect scratch papers now! And I think am’a do 3D in pen&ink, wanzagen.

Letzi. 😛

The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them. – Mark Twain

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