Let’s Make a Cartoon Character!


Slap slap slap me, I’m so clueless. I really wanted to join the bandwagon of making a cartoon character. But like I said, I’m a na’da!

Enter my nephew (artist partner) YUAN, oh boy, sometimes it’s great to truly rely on kids’ imaginations! Let’s make that often! So please people,let’s CLAP CLAP CLAP for Yuan!!!


This was Yuan’s output from the previous post.  I’m so in love with the dinosaur (which I thought was a dragon so the kid was kinda mad haha)


I asked Yuan to do the character again, this time on a bigger (and more clean) paper. With a promise that I will use his drawing for an animation project! He was amazed that I can make the drawing move so he did my request.


Yuan working. I also asked him to name the character. HMMM what could it be? he kept rejecting my suggestions. Why dislike naming it the same as his? Yuan the dragon dinosaur. What’s wrong with that? haha


And I jumped in to help him color.


Presenting, Fely and Pete the Phyrosaur. (etymology: Dinosaurs that throw fire!!!) haaayaaaah!!! Fely the mother, Pete the son. cute names Yuan. 🙂


Oh yeah, before I forget, the animation part!!  Well I’m planning to learn that one, but for now… Yuan, here it is *drumrolls:


CLAP CLAP CLAP Miaaaaa!!! 😛

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on! – Albert Einstein

❤ mia


Project: Painting with Kids


I had a dream, I was being chased by a dragon down the hill. The dragon was monster huge and flew fast to get and eat me. T’was absolutely horrible nightmare. Thank goodness I was awaken by shrieks, cries and taunts of my nephews — 5 lil boys at that. However I was greeted with disastrous scenes they always ‘perfectly pull off’. I realized how true-to-life nightmare it is when they’re together — oh’dude, can I instead stay inside dragon’s intestines? 😛

But hey, I told ’em, lez paint!


I like it when these kids talk and discover things together. Such as producing colors by mixing various colors. One kid was so amazed when blue and yellow mix gave him green. As if there was magic. 😀


Oh no no no, may look like it’s easy fun with this group but h*ll noooh! There were a lot of fights over brushes, colors and canvass space in between. Oh’boy! I think my voice raised a notch. Whew! XP . But I think there’s still fun about it knowing they were friends again after 🙂



Check out this post by Meri Cherry, an art teacher, who listed reasons why we should let children paint. I follow her, she’s wonderful.


“I’m enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagination, which I think is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein

❤ mia


Acrylic&Oil: New Artworks


The first ‘artist-grade’ media I used passed crayola stage were the Acrylic and Oil. I sort of depart from them and did artworks in less than A4paper sizes  but I think I’m back, with 3 artworks, I sure am back! The mess in my room is back!


  1. Moonlit Tulips – Oil, 79 cm x 56 cm
  2. Borealis- Acrylic, 58 cm x 68 cm
  3. Into the Woods – Acrylic, 71 cm x 56 cm

I’m inspired to do more.

Discontent is the first necessity of progress – Thomas Edison

❤ \m/ia


Kids’ Day

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It’s Kids’ Day. Happy kids, tired me! LOL.  I always jokingly hide away from my nephews every time they bring those play-cards with heroes as prints because it means ‘please draw this and this and this day’ again!!! But I actually love these moments because I am challenged to draw different figures I never thought I could and will.

I know there will be more… 🙂

“Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult,
but not more difficult than remaining…”
– Maya Angelou

❤ \m/ia



Watercolor: Wheat Bread & Company


I subscribe to fitness gurus on Instagram, Facebook and all the time they post the food they eat and recommend. One guru, her name is Kayla, post her breakfast and it was the first thing I stared today (next to the ceiling thinking if I have to work out!). She seems to be good at photography (if she’s doing it) ‘coz the shot was so screaming ‘eat me!!’. I said to myself, I would bargain fitness for dozen servings of that healthy but yummy concoction. ROFL??

This is my rendition of that snack. 🙂

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world. – Desmond Tutu


Watercolor: FoodPorn #8


Favorite Food of the day: Krespe Creme Doughnuts!

This is Foodporn Watercolor Project. Everyday, I whip up  paint my favorite food and take photos of them. My goal is to make them seem alive… like 3D, that’s why my hand, my cat and all the mess are present!

“The sooner you start planning your life,
the sooner you will live the life you dream of.” 

– Hans Glint

❤ mia


Watercolor: FoodPorn #7


Favorite Food of the day: Meatballs in Tomato Sauce w/ Home-made Garlic Bread

This is Foodporn Watercolor Project. Everyday, I whip up  paint my favorite food and take photos of them. My goal is to make them seem alive… like 3D, that’s why my hand, my cat and all the mess are present!

“EARTH” without ‘ART’ is just ‘EH’.

❤ mia