Digital Art: My Second Artwork with Medibang Paint

So it’s day 5, and I was exploring with different programs. But medibang paint program caught my attention with its views, available tutorials, and it’s free.

yes, and I loved it so far, hence…

I must decide between orange and pink though.

Let’s see what else I can do. I will use this tool to practice, then I may proceed with other programs. Wish me luck! 

❤ mia

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Digital Art: Searching and I think I found it.

So I can say, officially, days had passed with my “serious” quest to learn digital art. Day 2, I was looking for program/s to use, and Day 3, the search continues…

But I found Medibang Paint Pro as a free tool, and it has good reviews from beginners and even professional artists, so I jumped in… and oh’ boy, Day 4, I think this is the one for me…

TADDAAHHH!! this is my first-ever ‘serious’ work with Medibang Paint + Graphics Tablet. Whew! I’m quite satisfied with this, yet I need some more practice. I’m extremely excited to learn more.


What do you think?

❤ mia

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Digital Art: What program to use?

As a newbie, transitioning to traditional to digital art can be overwhelming! Deciding to enhance my skill in this medium, I came across a lot of inspirations and masters (some I follow in WordPress). Since I now have a graphics tablet, the next step is to find a suitable program. Here are some of the common recommendations from artists:



I stumbled upon Autodesk Sketchbook (which is not on the list, yes), and this was recommended by an artist I follow for beginners since this is a free tool to practice with. Oh yeah, I need some practice indeed! : )

So funny … but I definitely enjoy these baby steps. I’m hella excited for all the things I have to learn so I can do those wow-worthy digital paintings. Whew! For now…


My first work with Sketchbook! ha-ha. It’s nice to document development.

The girl was me, I think (the smiley face rather).

❤ mia

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Digital Art: My First Try with a Graphics Tablet

It has been a dream/goal of mine to purchase a tablet since I learned about digital painting/graphics design/CAD, but for some reasons, it’s postponed, put on hold or forgotten — perhaps because I’m old school and stuck with my pencils and crayons… and scratch papers.

TADDAAH! I present to you… the girl on a yellow dress!

girlThis is my first try, and it’s with PAINT (is this worth a LOL?). I’m still kind of navigating the Adobe software, for now, I have to practice what I can, but I’m enjoying the journey, hence reworking on old pieces.


See you soon!

❤ mia

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Draw with Mouse Challenge


Not bad though. I used a scratch paper here first,  did rough sketch, scanned it (yes, old school thingy), put it on Corel to get the clean outline, transferred to paint, and add colors. that’s it! 🙂

Can’t wait to use my new graphics tablet.

I’m excited to make new art, well, not on scratch papers anymore, I think (still loved old school stuff)?

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❤ mia

Digital Art: My First Logo


yey! I welcome myself to the world of Digital Art. I have mention on one previous post that it is one of my #goals so I attended a class on digital art specifically Logo Design using CorelDraw. This 10-day session taught me how to use the software and translate my rough sketches into vectors. So I can now venture in designing logos and prints. Although I still have a lot of stuff to learn.

This is the first logo I made, conceptualize on my own. Simple but I know I’ll progress! My instructor gave a thumbs-up for this so I can trust my potential. :

HHHmmm… Can’t use scratch papers for this one though.

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