Why Arts on Scratch Papers?

I’m Mymy and the truth is, I made this blog out of boredom. No, seriously I did.

I was an office worker, didn’t like idleness and turned to art for productivity than playing ‘staring contest’ with a towering pile of papers. While I hate them, I dread throwing or shredding these old documents, I mean, it breaks my heart. Why not recycle ’em?

So I took the stacks, sorted out those need-to-bite-the-dust, and those with white blank spaces (i.e back of old receipts, paper bills and mostly used bond papers). I compiled the sheets into a folder and labeled it “Scratch Papers”.

Then I begin to doodle on them to get by the day with joy. I’m like ‘Wow! okay, I like to draw again, I’ll buy a decent sketchpad!‘. I so did, but why can’t I draw nice pictures, eh?

So I took the folder and realized “Oly crap, I draw better on scratch papers!

That just it. this blog. — and from then on, this will flourish, and i will improve as an artist looking for an authentic voice.


Mymy is a teacher by profession, marketer by choice (side hustle teehee) and artist by heart. She completed her bachelor’s degree in English Linguistics at the University of Southeastern Philippines and obtained a certificate in teaching from the same institution. As an English language educator, currently, she’s an IELTS Writing Teacher. With her background in copywriting and graphic design, she does Modern Marketing for a few private companies. On free days, you can find Mymy reading, writing and drawing, sometimes conducting art workshops with kids, to express creativity — or just daydreaming, eating, drinking coffee and sleeping.

Honest Talk:

I battle anxiety. This blog flourished not only because it’s my passion but also as a therapy. The quotes in each sketch may or may not represent the drawing but it resonates me so i share them. Thanks for joining me.

“I’m enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagination, which I think is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein

❤ mymy