Watercolor: Time Lapse #2 “Apple”


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Watercolor: Time Lapse #1 “Papaya”

Though I am somehow spending time learning Digital Art, I still have a schedule for my other fave medium.  I’m still practicing watercolor, and learning techniques from artists I follow, and hopefully, I may carve my own style. Oh well. 🙂


Here’s the “rotten papaya”.



Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment. – Oprah

Digital Art: My Second Artwork with Medibang Paint

So it’s day 5, and I was exploring with different programs. But medibang paint program caught my attention with its views, available tutorials, and it’s free.

yes, and I loved it so far, hence…

I must decide between orange and pink though.

Let’s see what else I can do. I will use this tool to practice, then I may proceed with other programs. Wish me luck! 

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Digital Art: What program to use?

As a newbie, transitioning to traditional to digital art can be overwhelming! Deciding to enhance my skill in this medium, I came across a lot of inspirations and masters (some I follow in WordPress). Since I now have a graphics tablet, the next step is to find a suitable program. Here are some of the common recommendations from artists:



I stumbled upon Autodesk Sketchbook (which is not on the list, yes), and this was recommended by an artist I follow for beginners since this is a free tool to practice with. Oh yeah, I need some practice indeed! : )

So funny … but I definitely enjoy these baby steps. I’m hella excited for all the things I have to learn so I can do those wow-worthy digital paintings. Whew! For now…


My first work with Sketchbook! ha-ha. It’s nice to document development.

The girl was me, I think (the smiley face rather).

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Digital Art: My First Try with a Graphics Tablet

It has been a dream/goal of mine to purchase a tablet since I learned about digital painting/graphics design/CAD, but for some reasons, it’s postponed, put on hold or forgotten — perhaps because I’m old school and stuck with my pencils and crayons… and scratch papers.

TADDAAH! I present to you… the girl on a yellow dress!

girlThis is my first try, and it’s with PAINT (is this worth a LOL?). I’m still kind of navigating the Adobe software, for now, I have to practice what I can, but I’m enjoying the journey, hence reworking on old pieces.


See you soon!

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Let’s Make a Cartoon Character!


Slap slap slap me, I’m so clueless. I really wanted to join the bandwagon of making a cartoon character. But like I said, I’m a na’da!

Enter my nephew (artist partner) YUAN, oh boy, sometimes it’s great to truly rely on kids’ imaginations! Let’s make that often! So please people,let’s CLAP CLAP CLAP for Yuan!!!

This was Yuan’s output from the previous post.  I’m so in love with the dinosaur (which I thought was a dragon so the kid was kinda mad haha)

I asked Yuan to do the character again, this time on a bigger (and more clean) paper. With a promise that I will use his drawing for an animation project! He was amazed that I can make the drawing move so he did my request.

Yuan working. I also asked him to name the character. HMMM what could it be? he kept rejecting my suggestions. Why dislike naming it the same as his? Yuan the dragon dinosaur. What’s wrong with that? haha

And I jumped in to help him color.


Presenting, Fely and Pete the Phyrosaur. (etymology: Dinosaurs that throw fire!!!) haaayaaaah!!! Fely the mother, Pete the son. cute names Yuan. 🙂


Oh yeah, before I forget, the animation part!!  Well I’m planning to learn that one, but for now… Yuan, here it is *drumrolls:


CLAP CLAP CLAP Miaaaaa!!! 😛

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on! – Albert Einstein

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Freedom Sheet for Kids


Mama Mia, I should have thought about this earlier. Had I done so, I could have saved sheets of bond papers — which after all the doodle, scribbles and colors, soon turn to paper airplanes! (*total facepalm moment, their works must be displayed like legit, right?) Well, kids are kids and they play.

So I made a what I called ‘Freedom Sheet‘ for them. On these 90 x 60 cm white sheets, they can do anything they want; color, scribble, doodle, write etc. This is great, I’m assured the kiddos continue to practice drawing, PLUS, they maybe, (just maybe), can’t turn this into airplanes! Wee!

All sorts of kid-friendly art tools are on the table.


This is the first day for the freedom sheet. I told my nephews Andrei and Yuan to make their own ‘cartoon character’. And these are the results:


Mighty T-Rex and the castle

Flying Petri and Little Foot under the tree.


A Korean Pop Superstar!

Super cute! I love the characters they did. It’s something I cannot do, really. With cartoon character concepts, I absolutely do rely on my nephews’ beautiful imagination.

Surely, the freedom sheet is big for kids and there are more spaces to fill. I’m excited for the final output! And I will still post here, in case the sheet becomes a giant paper airplane! 🙂

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. – Maya Angelou

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